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It's OUT. :) 

Caribbean Manhattan, our second album, made it's debut in the world today! It's pretty weird... you run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to do everything, and do everything as close to right as possible, making deadlines, pushing back those deadlines, doing damage control, sending edits back and forth with mastering and cover art and press release stuff and everything else, and trying not to forget to post on social media, and then.... it's out. It's out, with all it's imperfections, with…

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It's almost here... our BRAND NEW ALBUM! 

As I (Arjana) write this post to you all, Ivan is sitting in the corner of this beautiful hotel room we currently call home and making near obsessive corrections and final tweaks to our album cover art as we ready it to send it back to our designer for (maybe?) it's FINAL revisions! It is incredible how much back and forth, how many tweaks, how many stages a project like this goes through. We are at the point where we see the light at the end of the tunnel here. The cover is looking more and more like what…

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