HAPPY NEW YEAR from the 24th floor!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you out there around the world near and dear to our hearts. We rang in the new year here in Osaka, Japan in the middle of a crazy packed crowd in Dotomburi, the central district of Osaka. We were about to do the countdown when the entire crowd started smushing into each other and we could barely move! The entire group of at least 1000 started moving, like a massive river of people, so we were actually moving in this people river when the first moment of the new decade arrived. Oh well! We spent new years day visiting an amazing shrine, and the day before soaking in an Onsen (public hot springs that feel oh so good on a cold winter day!) We have loved every minute so far of our stint here in Japan, and can feel the time coming to a close (only a few more weeks left before a quck 2 week vacation in Vietnam followed by a new adventure at sea!) March will see us jumping onboard the Carnival Miracle which will take us to Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska, based out of San Francisco. Our brand new album "Caribbean Manhattan" will be released NEXT MONTH! It is self produced and Ivan has been working tirelessly putting the finishing touches on the mixing and mastering in his mobile studio. We are beyond excited to share this with you all, it's a compilation of live recordings from our times at sea and it is bringing back some amazing memories. But more on that later! We've never been more refreshed, revitalized and ready to roll up our sleeves than we are right now, at this crisp new beginning of a year that just  looks and sounds so good.... 2020! Sending you love, joy, and excitement for the year ahead! xx A and I

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