We do workshops! And lectures! We love coming in to your community; be it a school, music program, community center, senior center, etc. We love doing workshops/lectures as much as we enjoy performing, and sometimes we do them together in a special performance/workshop/lecture combo! Music is timeless and what there is to share with every age is endless and significant. Depending on your group and what makes sense we will choose the best program to suit your needs. Some topics of our workshops (lecture with audience/student participation and coaching) and lectures (informational talk and Q&A) include:

  • Jazz Improvisation for Instrumentalists and Singers
  • Vocal Health, preserving your voice even through rigorous use
  • Vocal technique and tips for genre-crossing
  • Increasing efficiency in music practice
  • Storytelling in song delivery
  • Song Arranging/Writing a new take on an old song
  • Science and structure of the voice
  • Building a sustainable life in the Arts
  • Stories from the ever changing lives of an unlikely duo! 

Please reach out to us through this website, or by emailing and we will arrange a time to talk! 

Pictured below: Lecture with High School students in Maui, Hawaii and workshop and lecture with music conservatory students in Ukraine.