Hire Us!

We do Weddings/Special Events/Corporate Events/Holiday Parties:

We love to bring a classy little cocktail hour to your wedding reception or important event, or bring a little something special while you walk down the aisle! Arjana and Ivan duo offer cocktail hour with all jazz standards or  "Vintage Pop" (Contemporary or non-jazz standards done in "Vintage" stye) with either our vintage look, standard classic black tie, or something specifically in keeping with your theme. We also offer cocktail solo piano and ceremony music featuring violin, viola, voice and piano in any combination. We offer packages featuring both the ceremony and reception/cocktail hour as well. We also collaborate with other musicians to form a trio, quartet or quintet...just ask! Go to www.gigmasters.com/arjanaandivan, email arjanaandivan@gmail.com directly or send us a message through the "contact" tab on our homepage. 

We do Speakeasys/Cocktail Bars:

Gatsby parties, cozy jazz nights and cocktail hours, we love to bring in the nostalgia of a bygone era but with a modern twist to any place we perform. Ask us about booking our timeless, acoustic duo, or about being a trio/quartet/quintet too! Email arjanaandivan@gmail.com or message us through our "contact" tab on our homepage. 

We do Jazz Clubs/Concert Halls/Museums/House Concerts/Fundraisers:

Obviously we love putting on full concerts with our favorite original arrangements and select material. If you have a venue and are interested in partnering with us we would love to hear from you. Please reach out at arjanaandivan@gmail.com or our "contact" tab on our homepage.