Welcome to the website of Arjana and Ivan, we're so glad you stopped by! We are an acoustic piano/vocal duo (sometimes a little violin thrown in too). We cover tunes from the last 100 years, only limited to our own imagination, (and yours- some of our favorites are suggestions from you!) Our goal is to bring something new to the song, while also paying homage to the original, and to bridge the gap between the classic and the contemporary. You might hear us cover a classic tune in a new way, or a new tune in a classic style; and sometimes the song is so good on it's own that it doesn't need to be messed with too much at all. Take a second to sign our guestbook, throw your email onto our email list for updates from us, and take a listen to our new album, "Us Now". We're hard at work on new arrangements and upcoming projects; follow us on social media and keep in touch!